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Honestly, I always knew I would be doing some form of entertainment whether it be through music, acting, hosting and even down to just holding different types of conversation. I had a moment where I thought I'd play basketball but I definitely wasn't skilled enough for that as a career option. Even in that though, my main source for choosing that would have been to entertain others. My new project is called Songs About HER .

It's an extension of the previous two and will most likely end that phase of my musical creation project wise. I was nominated in 2021 through my work on Royce Da 5'9's "The Allegory" album. What's funny is that's a joke. People who know me best will tell you I shop there so much that I'm damn near a Model for them. . I would consider my music to always be relationship based. I like to speak on the things I've actually experienced or witnessed. I don't speak on club life often because I'm barely ever there and you won't find too many songs about living this exaggerated lifestyle because that's not where I'm at in reality. Still entertaining in many different forms and also helping others achieve their goals in this space. True Mentorship is something I want to provide to those who truly need and appreciate it because it's something I feel I lacked that would have been very beneficial. I'm inspired by just living and experiencing new things. When life slows down, I tend to create less so I always need to pull from whatever is going on around me whether it be good or bad. . Stay consistent and surround yourself with others who are just as consistent and passionate. Learn the business and work just as smart as hard. Not at this moment. I want to get all of the music complete and plan for a big run once that's done. I'm beginning to use IG LIVE as a test run for a lot of the records I'm creating. It helps me gauge what my supporters would like to hear from me next. I always love involving others because I'm not just making this music for myself. I want the supporters and day to day consumers to be able to relate when they hear these songs.

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