Remeka Sullivan

  1. How did you become an author? I always wanted to be an author as a child, in some capacity. Now that i've accomplished the fashion industry, i felt the need to write a book.

  2. How did you get over your writer's block? I never really had writers block...just more of a creative block. To get over any blockage, you just have to go somewhere peaceful and shutdown any distractions.

  3. Is this your first book? This will be my first book!

  4. What’s the antagonizing paragraph that is a part of the book? There is no antagonizing paragraph.The book is written in a bit of my dry humor though. Lol!

  5. What was the best part of the book? The best part of the book is the book! From beginning to end, its a guide on helping you maintain a fashionable closet.

  6. How many chapters in the book? The book is five short chapters.

  7. Growing up did you always want to write an become an author? I always wanted to write.

  8. What do you want your readers to get from this book? I want my readers to not be intimidated of style or fashion. I want them to recognize how important fashion can be.

  9. Did you do something else besides write? I am in the food/hospitality and fashion business.

  10. Do you have someone to share your success? I share my success with my friends and family.

  11. What steps do writers need to know to become a successful writer? Steps for writers to be successful would be as Nike say, "Just Do It!" Lol!

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