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Terri R. Polk Johnson

I attended Hollywood Film Technical Institute with Jim Kelly, in 1998. Studied Script Supervising and Directing, upon completion I was assigned to train with students at UCLA College (468) and produced 1st movie (short):Too Good To Me– Christopher Bradley (1999). Also worked with Cedric The Entertainer as Miscellaenous Crew 2014, Emilio Riviera on Platinum Illusions, Mentored by Oprah, Lee Daniels, Cass Warner (Warner Bros). Directors Producers and Production Companies: Freeman White III - FREMONT STUDIOS - Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Director Tahj Gautier and - AKJ PRODUCTIONS - Producer, Miscellaneous Crew, Writer Tony R. Warren - FANTASY WORLD ENT. - Director, Writer, Producer Pam Gibson - FIRING SQUAD PRODUCTIONS -Director, Writer, Producer ChrisBradley – TOO GOOD PRODUCTIONS - Producer Writer Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Wesly Snipes 7th Commandment - EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS In 2000, Entered MIKKI WILLIS Productions contest, Shot a Personal Bio for Terri Johnson Born in Austin Texas, raised in Los Angeles, Calif., Terri Johnson is a creative force for women and children. With a keen eye for detail, she embarked in the Film Industry as a successful Script Supervisor, (right hand person for the Director) in Hollywood for over 15 years. While watching various movies over the years, she noticed a lot of Bloopers and wanted to contribute her expertise in Continuity, which in turn sharpened her skills to become a First Order Originally Director, creating movies in a way they are meaningful to others. Understanding Hollywood, she realizes you need to have 2 personalities if you are a Writer/Director, but at the same time she won’t allow one personality to fail while trying to maintain the other. It takes a Brilliant person to handle such an arduous task, but if she wants the story told the way it actually took place, the challenge will be a cake walk. She is very compassionate, always empowering anyone who has been sexually abused; Terri strives to move mountains to raise awareness about the mental and physical effect it has on a person once an adult. Ms. Johnson was molested as a child also, coerced by her own father and his usage of the Bible to justify what he was doing was ok in God’s eyes. She endured the pain, grew strong by being determined to keep God as her helper and he guided her through life with the dream of doing something one day that will take her tragedy and turn it into something positive to help others. Her greatest attribute is that she does not go where the path may lead, but instead where there is no path she leaves a trail. One trail she will be creating is the path of opportunities for other to have jobs and make money as well as movies. Terri’s most important accomplishment was when she entered Mikki Willis, Mindshack Production’s 2-day Film contest, along with Freeman White III, Producer of the new Blockbuster Five Thirteen and created an Award Winning shortFilm called The origins of OM, with subtitles in 48 hours, Winning BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST DIRECTING, BEST ENSEMBLE CAST. She also worked with Caleeb Pinket (Jada’s brother) with Will, Jada, and Wesley Snipes as Executive Producers. She was well trained by Strictly Business Pam Gibson, while working on her Film, Next Afternoon, starring the late Heavy D. She has also worked on Platinum Illusions with Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy) and Noel Gugliemi (Training Day). Terri does not live on luck; she relies on her Faith, to have Faith takes courage, especially when you have been taught to believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. When it comes to believing in something you can’t see, you have to be courageous against the things you do see to realize the reality of what you don’t see. Most people who know Terri knows how detailed oriented she is, a good writer and speaker, a lot of people have said she should have been a politician. Oprah, and Michael Jackson are Terri’s motivational mentors. Terri is now an advocate for Sexually abused children. Striving to bring help and support to those suffering from these effects of Rape. She is now embarking on the film industry to help spread awareness through her movie. Some of her biggest Movie mentors is Clint Eastwood Quentin Taratino and Lee Daniels, but the most inspirational Penny Marshall. Terri is a 59year old mother of 2 boys, and grandmother to 3 boys, whom she loves dearly and has raised them to be trouble free, hard working and college students, with a high level of respect for families. Her passion in life is to continue passing on her positive attributes to others. Ultimate goal in life is to pass on a productive Legacy.

A Singer but I had stage fright, always lost my voice from nervousness ,

Most peoples Cores are damaged from something unaddressed, whether abuse or injustice , Never worked in Chicago None My Success is not driven by Money it's Driven by making a difference with a platform to help Combat Sexual Abuse, Trafficking which is bigger than guns and drugs right now, anti help save my people from the Enemy of In just Becoming a Female Director On a level of Penny Marshall, if not better, Giving my people jobs, saving lives, striving to also change laws. In my younger days a lady owed me money when I finally found her she didn't have it so she knew I was going to hit her and she picked up her baby and I hit her anyway knocking baby from her arms. I still pray and have Spiritual moments about that and that the child had no disabilities from that cause I never saw them again. Maybe this is my Karma caring for children the way I do now that's how I look at it, cause we all get a chance to get it right. But other than that no regrets everything else helped mold me to where I am now and made me who I am. Not starstruck, but I give props to great actors . Variety Entertainment Skate Show.

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