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The Soul is about recognizing, honoring and renewing the soul. SFS is on a mission to empower the human soul through lively discussion, frank conversation, and revealing true stories that capture what our journey on this planet is about. It’s good news you can use. SFS is a testimony to the unquenchable spirit of living, our soul. The road of life is our destination, SFS is a super highway. Our goal is for you to have a great trip, to make the navigation smoother, provide safe short cuts, and provide better information against roadblocks and traffic jams. The Soul is politics, promoting positive We point the finger at ourselves, then we research, delve, agitate, meditate, and contemplate, until solutions come. Our planet is filled with drama and trauma; man-made and naturally occurring. looks at that mess of multiplicity and serves up the nuggets of gold-wisdom from the elders, the healing properties in art, music and culture. Need a little inspiration-you may find it here. Need a little encouragement-check us out. Want a strategy to solve the problems in your life- we have a few suggestions. And you are allowed to participate. Email us your suggestions, issues you want to heal, people we should know about. Straight From The Soul is a vehicle to bring about the positive growth for the planet, yours and mine. I invite you to make one of your tools for healing and growth. Our goal is to always give it to you From The Soul. .. .. .. ..

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