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Kueen Jayashari

Updated: Jan 18

My Name is Kueen Jayashari, I’m a Chicago Native Born January 2! I’ve been performing since the age of 5yrs old.

My earliest memory of HipHop was when my brother and his friends where starting to write there own music and Tupac and Biggie had just made it to the music scene. I wanted to be like my brother! I wanted to learn the aspect of word play! Saying one thing but, it ment another in the context of how you said it. Who helped you get started? My Mother was a dancer in her younger days and the love for music just so happen to pass on to me. I started rapping around the age of 16yrs old. Trying to be the lil sister following in her big brother’s footsteps. Method Man, The Lox, Lil Kim, Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dog, Dre.Dre, Kendrick Lamar , J. Cole, Busta Rhythms, Tobi Nwigwe , Cleo, Timbaland, Missy Elliot , Da Brat, Dave East , Lucas Joyner, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, Andre 3000, T.I, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Kanye West, Dipset, Remy Ma.LL cool j, R. Kelly , Micheal Jackson, Usher, Keke Wyatt, Boys To men, Lsc, 112 , Prince, Stevie wonder, Janet Jackson, Anita Banker, Berry white, Whitney Houston, Destiny Child, No limit, Lil Wayne, Marvin’s Gay, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, Alexander O’niel , Marc Anthony and so many to name to name that was a inspiration to me musical. Urban Conscious feel good music. Is how I would describe my music. I Always believe that anything you put your mind to you can make it become reality. Where are you from where where you born? Imma January 2 ,Capricorn born to the west but south side. Born and raised Chicago Native, with southern roots back to Louisiana and Mississippi. Kueen is an acronym meaning Knowledge Used Enhance Educated Nations. Jayashari is Hindu it means Godess of the people, of the people. Dana Bracy is my real name. As an artist I wanted to make music that was timeless. Writing Essence of HipHop. To pay homage to a lineage that set the tone for the music industry that gave the urban culture a voice! To thank them for breaking barriers and opening doors for artist like me in the HipHop culture! What’s your best advice? My best advice to anybody is Learning the actual music business or any business you’re looking to start or be apart of. Understanding,Being able to negotiate the best deals cause, you only get what you negotiate ! Building the important relationships and Making sure all paperwork is handled before any transactions. What about this industry excites me? The people lives you change, How you can inspired and even touched through your music or just how you carry yourself and treat other’s. What Makes you Different from anyone else in this industry? I’ll always remain being my authentic self! There is nothing wrong with being different! That’s a lane most stray away from and for me it’s ok to run to it! It’s a different experience for everyone else so bask in it. Where do you see yourself? I see myself building my brand and meeting new people! Venturing into movies, voice over work, tv shows, modeling and even cartoons, Doing a Hip Hop Opera on Broadway. 20yrs finding ways to create avenues for the up and coming. Currently there is no telling how the world will be in 20yrs with A.i but, definitely launching businesses and buying real estate to create a safe space for those that need assistance or a place to be creative like Nipsey Hussle did. To be able to create a life I don’t need a vacation from. What would you say to up and coming artist? Stay Consistent. Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. Surround yourself with people that are smarter , have your best interests and are just as hungry as you. Focus, on your marketing and your budget. It’s ok to say no! Do You grant the public a say in your personal life? I don’t allow access to my personal life. I share some of everything else. I prefer not to add the world to the personal group chat.. lol What do you prefer to do in your spare time? Travel, spend time w/my family and close friends, play videos, basketball, Boxing , Journey!

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