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Afrika Porter-Modern Day Sojourner Tu

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I got into black culture from my parents. My Father, the late great Rev. Dr. Kwame John R. Porter and my mom taught my siblings and I about loving our Black selves and the appreciation of Black art and Black Writers, and All things Black. Banking Black, shopping Black, these were a normalcy for my family. I remember every Wednesday after choir rehearsal, we all went to Baldwins Black Owned and operated Ice Cream shop.

My legacy will be to teach my suns and my grandsun that self preservation is the 1st law of nature. I want them and others to know I love hard, therefore if I love you, I support you 1,000 percent and I will encourage you, provide resources for you and ill connect you to as many people I can that assist you in getting to your goals.

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