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Bright and Upcoming Star

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

  1. Can you tell us something about Melanie L. Brown? I am a full time photographer. I have been working full time for 7 years. I do photography, videography, social media, fliers, websites, public relations (have a business partner Afrika and call our company AMPR) and content creation. I am an Abstinence Advocate. I am the the oldest sibling of 6. I am also 5ft tall. I have the same name as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls so I like putting the “L” middle initial. I am also a retired early Chicago Public School teacher.

  2. What got you into photography? My dad probably subconsciously and I was doing Pr for a photographer and was giving away all my clients and was like what am I doing I can do the job myself.

  3. Was this the field you wanted to go into growing up? I wanted to make commercials or be a pediatrician. Thankful I am working in one.

  4. Would you consider yourself a perfectionist? I am not a perfectionist. I realize nothing can be perfect. I do my best. I use to be a perfectionist.

  5. What was your best photograph that you have taken? I would have to say of Michelle Obama, Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez all on one stage. Kind of a hard question but I know I have more answers than just that one. Maybe it’s the one of Chance and Common greeting each other or the one of Farrakhan, Rev. Jackson, Father Pfleger, Pastor Otis Moss Sr. all together...or New Edition getting their Hollywood Star. Ok, it could also be my niece who I love so much when she was a baby.

  6. Do you consider yourself better than other photographers? I am better than some photographers but know some are better then me as well. I was mostly self taught while others have more experience or and have gone to school for the profession.

  7. What other artistry do you do well? I do videography quite well, I act, graphic design, website, write and perform spoken word.

  8. Where do you see your work in five years? I see my work being viewed all over the world.

  9. AJ talks very highly of you, How does that make you feel that someone appreciates what you do? I am inspired by others who are inspired by me. It helps me to keep going and to not let myself nor others down. I have to keep documenting history from my eyes and my lens. Thank you AJ!

  10. Have you won a award for your photography? Yes, I have for my company. I have won two.

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