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Tiffany Cosby: Inspirational Singer/Songwriter

Updated: May 28, 2021

Tiffany believes that she is finally doing what she was supposed to be doing all along; writing and singing songs of inspiration. She shared that she has spent years disqualifying herself from what she now knows is her calling; and she is making up for lost time. "It’s crazy how things happen, doors open one after another, when I let the fear of failing go", she shared. She is excited for whatever the next chapter of her life holds. "I know that God is in control and will exceed my greatest expectation because that is just what God does", she stated confidently.

She first began singing in her church choir when she was two or three years old. “Let’s just say, I have been singing all my life.”, she added jokingly. Tiffany’s mother recognized that she was gifted musically and encouraged her to audition for the performing arts high school, Emerson School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Gary, IN where she was accepted as a vocal music major. Tiffany then wrote her first song entitled “I Can Do all Things Through Christ” at the age of 13. Tiffany continued to sing in church and also performed at local venues. It was at one of these venues that Tiffany met the amazingly talented, Spike Rebel. Spike helped her work up the courage to debut her original songs to the world. He introduced her to Arnell Newman at Soulistic 360; this began her current musical journey. Tiffany shared, "Spike is the type of person who will not take no for an answer when he sees that you have a gift that needs to be shared." Until very recently, only a select few people had heard any of her original music. She kept them hidden away, and thought if no one ever heard them, there would never be the opportunity to hear negative feedback. According to Tiffany, “It is so easy to talk yourself out of moving forward, so having people in your corner who will push you to fulfill your purpose is really important.” As a result, she released her first self-written single "He Can Handle It" in January 2021! That was just the beginning. Her next single, “Daddy’s Girl”, a tribute to her late father, celebrates fathers everywhere and will be released in time for Father’s Day 2021!

Tiffany wants people to draw encouragement from her music; to be moved from fear to faith, from doubting to belief, from hurting to healing. She knows that’s a lofty goal, but that truly is her desire. She says, “There is so much that tells us what we can't be, and I just want my music to be something other than that.” She believes that her purpose is to inspire people through music with humility and authenticity. Eventually, she sees herself spreading love and hope to people who have been hurt by people, especially people in the church. “There are so many bruised people out there.” She says she has been one of them. Her goal is to let people know that their flaws, mistakes, and even intentional sin is not disqualifying.

Tiffany's favorite gospel song is Total Praise by Richard Smallwood. That song just takes her into worship every time she hears it. She also loves to listen to Tasha Cobbs, Todd Galberth, Miranda Curtis, Tamela Mann, and Kim McFarland, just to name a few. She loves worship songs, and these artists are worshippers! She also loves Johnathan McReynolds’ music. “I know that he writes many, if not all of his songs, and the messages in his music are impactful, because they meet people where they are.”, she said. Tiffany prays that churched and unchurched listeners can find inspiration and encouragement in her lyrics.

Tiffany's life desire is to live in a manner pleasing to God, to be a faithful and supportive wife and mother, and spread love wherever she goes. She says that her two wonderful teenage children drive her to be her most authentic self. She wants them to live fearlessly, and to pursue their respective passions in life. She reflects, “I truly hope that by seeing me and my husband, who owns his own personal training business, reaching for our dreams; they will do the same.” Tiffany says, “I believe that gentleness counts for something. You don’t know what the person on the other side of your glance is going through, so I try to make kindness my default.”

She says she would love to sing and write music full time. That is where she sees herself in the future. She is not looking for a pedestal, only a platform to share the gifts she has been given. “God gave me something, and I better do something with it.”, she said.

If you would like to contact Tiffany, her email address is Her phone number is 815-556-9224.

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