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Heart of Drama -Beverly Larue

Updated: Apr 29

My God-given gift is to display drama on stage so that it touches my audience's heart, mind, body, and soul, allowing healing and transformation in their lives. I'm displaying the heart of Gospel drama on stage. 

My earliest memory of writing is around 16, while in high school. I remember gathering neighborhood children and naming the group "KidPower."   I  directed them on how to perform skits with music, dancing, and singing. I rented a room at the Harvey YMCA for my first performance with Kid Power. The parents supported the event, and the local newspaper covered the story while taking pictures and interviewing me and others.  

My ability to be creative and express myself in different ways started me to write. Being able to be someone else and change characters to express myself and get my message out.

One of the famous playwrights who influenced me is August Wilson. He was referred to as the theater's poet of Black America. He is best known for his series of ten plays collectively called" the Pittsburgh Cycle." August Wison's award-winning work displayed the ups and downs of African Americans' daily lives during the 20th. 

Also, Lorraine Hansberry, who wrote "A Raisin In The Sun," was the first African American woman to have a play performed on Broadway. Both influenced me to write more about everyday people and their daily struggles.

I would describe my writing style as spiritual. I use many different (styles of writing) depending on the story and the message I'm trying to convey to my audience—narrative writing, where I'm telling a story or explaining an experience. I also use descriptive writing when I want my audience to use all their senses and imagination to feel the experience. 

I also use Expository writing to explain, describe, or narrate. In some content, I use reflective writing when it's essential to show what happened and to look at it from a different angle. 

I used to compare and contrast writing styles as well. Persuasive writing is when I want to convince the audience to see my point of view. Depending on the content, I use a combination of the writing styles mentioned above.. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee; however, I currently reside in the South Suburbs of Chicago.

My family has been a great help in every aspect of my writing and stage performances.

From my mother and father, Betty and James Harris, and my Godmother, Annie Bridgeforth, for theirconstant prayers and encouragement. My sisterTiffany Owens and my niece Sherrell Kennard were on stage, and my niece LeShundrea Owens was behind the scenes. My sister, Tiffany gave me my first down payment for the rental space for my first play. Because she believed the Lord called in me. Tiffany also runs behind-the-scenes events for the performances. I am honored to have my family join

the cast for some of my performances My brothers and sister stepped in and enjoyed their roles on stage. My brother and sister-in-law Wilburt and Danyell Garett are actors/actresses. My brother Robert Garrett also create my stage props. My sister Sheron Davenport is an actress for her many roles on stage with 4DProductions. My brother Devon Harris has played his role on stage, plus DeAngelo Harris, has assisted behind the scenes. My son and daughter-in-law, Jacques, and Amber LaRue has help with props and ticket admissions. My daughter, Nicole LaRue, recently performed by video plus she was my assistant and stage director. My brother Alex Garrett will be appearing in my sitcom “LaRue Street”. Last (but not least), my little helpers, my grandson Ezra Matthews, helps with the stage setup, and passing out programs with my nephew Malachai Garrett. All hands are used on stage, big or small ,we use them all as a family.

The story behind my most famous plays. The first play would be "Secret Love, " which I wrote in 2013 and performed on stage. It was my first stage play, and it was sold out. The story behind that play is that this young lady reflects on her life now that she's grown up. She's upset that she did not hear  God in her life. She questioned God and said that her life would have been so different had he been there. The bad decisions she made, she wouldn't have made him if he was there in her life. God proved He was in her life when she was growing up as she went through life. God began to show her that every decision she made, He was there to tell her what to do. 

But she didn't listen. Her final thought was that God's love was hidden from her. It was a secret love. But to her, it was a secret. 

My second play is "The Master Teacher at Mystery Kingdom." The story behind this play is how the body of Christ treats new believers when they join the body of Christ. Everyone at Mystery Kingdom judged the new believers. But there was the Master Teacher who came in and was able to correct everyone's vision.

They begin to see each other out of God's love for all of them.   The master teacher had to come in and heal everyone. He showed everyone there's no one perfect but Him (God). And it's only by His grace that they made it to Mystery Kingdom. They made it there because He drew them all there by grace.. The most challenging thing about being a playwright is getting your name out and showing your work in the industry. 

The advice I would give to inspire a writer is, first, commit your gift to the Lord and allow him to present the gift he gave you the way he wants it given to the world. Also, never stop writing, and do not ever give up. Do not stop. Even if it's a small thought, continue to write about it and act on it. Your creativity will come the more you create. So, do not stop; continue to write, stay focused, and allow yourself to go outside the box and be comfortable in your own space in your mind, thoughts, and heart.

. What I like to do outside of writing plays is sew and design clothing labeled with my creative art. I also like the outdoors, which is near the water. Sitting by the water is very soothing for me. I enjoy studying the Bible and its ancient history.

Something that people would be surprised to know about me is that I ride motorcycles. I decided later on in life to go ahead and do the things I've always wanted to do.


. Several people have given me sound advice along my journey. I want to highlight Coach Michael Bart Mathews. He advised me to keep creating and doing something toward my craft, even if it's small. It's like don't stop moving, do something, and when you think it's nothing to do, you do something anyway. And that special something might be the "one thing" that causes you to make it big.

. I do have up-and-coming book projects and live stage performances.

I am a coauthor of our upcoming book, "The Pathway To Trauma Recovery," written by 14 international authors from around the world sharing our stories of recovery from trauma. 

Coach Michael Bart Mathews put together a phenomenal group of writers, and it was my pleasure to work with everyone on another project. 

I have several stage performances taking place later in the year. Dates and times will be announced.

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