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Insight on Tony Sculfield

Yo! It’s comedian/radio personality Tony Sculfield

Around 1996. I initially wanted to be a writer for SNL. I enrolled at Second City ETC. That’s where I fell in love with the stage and decided I wanted to do standup.

Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy of course. But I also really admired George Carlin.

The comedy scene in Chicago was excellent. I entered the Miller Lite Comedy Search and won it.

There were so many great comics in Chicago when I started. Bernie Mac, Adele Givens and others like James Hannah, Ali Leroi, Shay Shay, Daran Howard etc. Me and Kenny Howell became super tight.

After winning the Comedy Search.

Being married with two daughters helped me stay grounded. Having a family to come home to was key.

I was working at the Chicago Board of Trade and got laid off. After that I decided to do comedy full time. At first my family thought I should get another job, but I was determined. Radio came later and everyone was happy for me.

My process is to be very creative when writing material and to keep working it until I have maximized it. A good joke or bit should have 3 or more laughable moments that escalate in impact.

My first live standup show was at a place called Phyllis’ Musical Inn on the north side. I opened for a band that was headed by a friend of mine.

Having your own style and delivery is imperative. We may broach the same subjects, but you must have your own lane.

In the next five years I want to make the transition to becoming a successful screenwriter as well.

I try and be true to myself in an ever changing field. You can’t worry about what others are doing and try to emulate them. Speak your comedic truth.

One of my best experiences was going to Japan to perform for the troops. It was a great experience and we found out the promoter was underpaying us and took his money.

Around age 26 or 27.

I performed this past Friday night on The Royal Comedy Tour at The Oakland Arena with Sommore, Arnez J, Lavell Crawford, Bruce Bruce, and Don DC Curry. It was a great show with great friends.

I am currently working on a self produced comedy special to be filmed in the first quarter of next year. Stay Tuned!

Consistency. You have to bring your A game to every opportunity.

The fans and their appreciation comes first. Always!

I try to remain grounded but at certain times we all go through difficult times. As a comic you really have to suppress negativity and focus on positive things. Put on a happy face!

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