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Marisa Baldwin-Woodhouse

1. What was your inspiration to be a film maker?

Inspired by the tv show "Fame," I have wanted to be in film-making from the age of four.

2. Would you call yourself a famous film-maker?

I would say that I am successful in my own right. To refer to myself as famous is up to my audience and not myself. I enjoy what I do, I have fun doing it and I am living in my passion 3. How long have you been if film?

I have been in film for 26 years, "Love Jones" was my first film.

4. What is or was your famous film thus far? "Chicago Fire," "In The Paint," "Business Hair," and commercials for "Gatorade" and "Nike."

5. What does it take to be a film maker?

It takes time, patience and determination. Most people get into the business for the wrong reasons. As long as you have a true passion for the process of the business, you can make it work. You must truly love the business of filmmaking and be passionate about it. 6. Can you describe yourself to your fan?

I am very down to earth. I enjoy meeting young and emerging film-makers. I often teach drama and writing for film. I still ride rollercoasters and rollerskate often.

7.What is your favorite Quotes?

I really don't have any favorite quotes, however, I always like to say "make it work."

8. What is the important things in your life?

The most important things in my life are my family and giving back wherever I can. I do a lot of community service because that is important to me. Also, I purposely make films that have an impact with society.

9. What is your deepest fear?

My deepest fear is dying without my work being properly distributed. Many artists pass away and unfortunately so does their work. We as artist make many sacrifices and pour so much into our art. Every artists' work should live forever.

10. where do see your self in the future?

Certainly making more films. We go into production early spring on another short that I wrote. I am extremely excited about it as well.

11. Do you see yourself Winning an award?

Of course, every artist looks to be certified for their work and if they say otherwise, I would not believe it. I am open to awards from the people that matter most, my African American community which is who I consider my target audience. We have many stories to tell, and I am on a roll.

All the best,

Marisa Baldwin-Woodhouse, M.A.; STATE OF IL LICENSED LEASING AGENT; SAG-AFTRA (773) 580-9388 MANAGED BY: Talent INK L.A. 818.846.5540 Represented by: AMBASSADOR TALENT, Chicago IL (312) 641-3491 HEYMAN TALENT, Louisville KY (502) 589-2540


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