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A Gem From England

I was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but raised in Laken heath, London & in many other countries overseas, like…. Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanau, Ramstein Germany; Amsterdam, Holland, Paris (Euro-Disney) & Switzerland. I was blessed to have had both parents to serve in the military with a combine commitment of 50 years. I have always visited the states because my parents are from Alabama & South Carolina, but as a child I would from time to time spend my summers with my extended family. I officially returned to the states in 2010 to Alabama to reside with my Mummy. When traveling is clear & permissible, I one day hope, to go back to visit all of the places that were part of my roots.

I enjoy art, reading, writing, poetry, music, games (cards & board), sitting at home for a quiet dinner with a nice ambiance, taking a trip/vacation (day/night), going to the beach, taking a walk, visiting new restaurants, understanding history, learning other cultures and most definitely hearing the encouragement, triumphs & survival of others. In 5 years, I pray that I am alive for one, being able to help others and to learn (believers) in the way GOD has set before us all. I would love to travel the world, get paid to train people in the proper work etiquette and ethics; in my mind this can help build a structure by utilizing the assets of experience, understanding the process, gaining information & using it to the best of a person’s abilities for awareness & advancement. I got into podcasting with a woman who seen something in me enough to give me an opportunity to use my voice on many issues or ideas. I always wondered about podcasting and thought, what would I have to say that people would want to hear. I now, know that my life and the experiences was not necessarily for me, but for those who need to hear, know and understand that we are never alone especially when GOD, JESUS & The HOLY SPIRIT is always with us.

Resilience to me is the definition of a person who conquers or overcomes the adversities life gives, but a spirit of praying, pushing with persistence, and being purposeful. I love to study the history of the men and women who paved the way by their obedience, ideas, love/compassion and having the victory in obstacles that are not exactly clear, but choosing to follow GOD regardless of the negativity; thus, the history of the Asians, Blacks, Indians, Islanders, Middle-Eastern, and so forth.

I would encourage our black women to put GOD JESUS & the HOLY SPIRIT first, stay focus, know and understand what is priority, take notes of the lessons, hold your head high through the course of bad, know who’s you are and whom you are, and last but not least love.

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