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Humble Warrior

I would encourage this person to his/her strength in the Lord, focus on the good, pray & meditate, journal their thoughts and to remember to breathe; this won't last always.

2. My proudest moment in my life is the birth of my children. God chose me to bring life into this world and trusted me to raise them!

3. My occupation is partly my dream job. I say this because one day I want to own my own group home for children. I currently am a House Manager for Firm Foundation Youth Homes and love it!

4. I wanted to be a teacher when I was a little girl. My kindergarten teacher, Ms. Collins was my inspiration; God bless her family because she's passed away.

5. In the next 5 years I see me living out my dreams, owning my group home for children; entertaining folks on my podcast show and traveling while giving back to worthy causes.

6. My best attributes in life, love and work is simply serving, being there, a listening ear/shoulder to cry on and available while staying humble.

7. Yes, I have always had interest in taking care of children. I started out as being the mommy while playing "house" as a child, then volunteered at the youth net at my high school and on to a career as a childcare teacher. I've worn many hats in my 43 years on earth and the best one is being a mother, I'm very proud of that!

8. Being free to me is no mental drain, being in my right mind and doing the things I love!

9. I would like to own a few properties, get my children's transportation service going and whatever else God calls me to do.

10. I believe I'm all of the above, a little glam, hood, spiritual wrapped up in humbleness and caring plus love.

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