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Article on Spike Lee by Vadell

Spike Lee was born Shelton Jackson Lee on 3/20/1957, in Atlanta Georgia to Jacqueline Caroll (arts and black literature teacher) and Bill Lee (famous jazz composer). The Lee family moved from Atlanta to Brooklyn, New York early in Spike’s childhood. There Spike attended John Dewey H.S. Spike went on to enroll at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Spike gained national attention from his master thesis the short story subject: Joe Bed-stuy barbershop, We cut heads. Earning him the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences student award. In 1977 Spike Lee made his first short story entitled “the last hustle in Brooklyn”. The movie was about a slave family of four, sitting around picking-cotton, Imagining how easy life would be, if natural things grew unnaturally. Spike Lee’s first main stream movie was in 1986, “she’s got to have it”. His latest film 2018 “Da 5 bloods” marked his 24th directorial featured Film. Many of his films have become urban classics such as “jungle fever-she’s got to have it-Malcolm X-do the right thing”. In 2000 to Spike Lee directed Michael Jackson’s music video, “They don’t care about Us”. In 2006 Spike Lee teamed up with Michael Jordan for the “Its Gotta B the Shoes” commercials. Spike Lee has been recognized, all over the world for his unique directorial skills. Spike Lee has received scores of awards including an Oscar for best adapted screenplay (Da 5 Bloods). Throughout the year Spike Lee has been a voice for underprivileged people of black and brown decent. one of my favorite quotes from Spike Lee is: it has been my observing their parents kill more dreams than anybody.... Spike Lee an American hero

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