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Dick Gregory Performs At Harold Washington Culture Center

Dick Gregory performs at Harold Washington Cultural Center 11/20/16

On a cold and windy Chicago night a crowd gathered at the Harold Washington Cultural Center to see comedian Dick Gregory perform. The guests in attendance ranged from young people to senior citizens.

Some of the vendors at the event included All in America LLC, Blood Line TS, and Tap Academy.

The show started at 7 pm and the opener for the evening was M Brown a local comedian. In the past he has opened for Gregory many times in the past.

After the opener for the night finished his set the audience left feeling was entertained and eagerly awaited Gregory to appear on stage. During the intermission the speaker took the time to inform the audience about his local business and encouraged guests to support other black owned businesses in the city.

As soon as it hit 9 pm Dick Gregory walked out onto the stage he wasted no time discussing the aftermath of the country’s most recent election. Another highlight of the evening was Gregory sharing with the audience his desire to open his own airline.

After Gregory finished performing at the Harold Washington Cultural Center guests were able to attend the meet and greet afterwards.

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