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Donny Donnel Jones

The human soul is lifted by music which is why it's called 'worship' in church services. This is also why many singers often start their careers in the church. Donny J. is one of those singers.

"The church," he says, "and Sam Cooke. Those are my influences."

Now that's a definitive list! A strictly soul background is hard to find and even harder to break; also being a faith-based artist is not without struggle.

Donny admits, "It has not always been good all the time... but whatever it is, God gets me through it every time."

He is very intentional with his words. When asked a question, his answers are succinct and never more than he means.

"Love" is his reply to what music needs right now. He promotes a message he describes as "positivity" and "in real time."

Donny J. is pure and mysterious, not even spilling any spoilers from his upcoming and yet to be titled project! Well, we here at Straight From The Soul Magazine couldn't just walk

away without a teaser for out readers, we got the scoop!

Donny tells us, "This project will explain to the world that nothing will separate you from the word of God." He says, "not a pandemic, not even material things... really, it is only you and God in the end." Wow, what a revelation!

A big thanks to Donny J. for blessing our readers with his message. Google him, watch his live performances, and get tuned in to his vibration so you can experience his next godly work.

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I love the piece on Donell Jones. He was one of my favorite 90"s artist. It is great to hear he has a new project coming out. I can't wait for it's release. Thanks for sharing the scoop!

Me gusta
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