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Coming of AGE

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Laura Miller is a writer for Ebony and rolling out magazine, black woman, daughter, mother of two, wife and friend. in the short time of forty five minutes has inspired myself to be fearless in pursuing any goal that I have conjuring in my soul.

Here is what we discuss

What inspired you to write?

As I began to climb the corporate ladder I grew continually unhappy. I was fired at 30 weeks pregnant and vented through a blog I created called “the SiSter gurl blog”. A creative space for women of color to uplift and empower each other through story telling.

What do you like about writing?

The sense of freedom it gives me. I am most free when I write and I can say exactly what I feel. As well as touches my readers in a effective way.

What was your favorite article that you've written thus far?

I would have to pick two. Dear Daughter and Black women need a tribe. Dear Daughter is a letter to young women growing up without fathers. It's an article to encourage fatherless daughters so they know that they are not alone. I wanted them to know that even in their father's absence, they were divinely created. it was something that I had to tell myself many times, within my journey, so I felt that it was an important message to share. The black women need a tribe is also about woman coming together in a supportive in loving way. I have never been that girls girl type, I don't have a lot of women friends, I always was around more male friends. However I grew older I began to appreciate the women around me and realized how important that sister bond truly is.

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