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Roche Chitown She wears many Hats

1) How did you get into entertainment ? I was intrigued in elementary school watching the cheerleaders during basketball games, so I tried out. I started watching television and movies in a new light, took modeling workshops and acting workshops and the rest is history. 2) What did you want to be ? I always wanted to have a career working with children, then I ventured more towards the Administrative duties of corporations. 3) When you were little , what was your Career job? Being on television was a fantasy job. I found myself working in the administrative medical/health field. 4) Who encourages you to get into acting? Watching shows like The Facts of Life, Different Strokes, 227 and The Cosby Show had me very interested on being on television. A Different World really gave me the courage to pursue acting. When Lena James was at Hillman, I could really relate to her character and was brave enough to ask my parents to help me get into acting. 5) Do you enjoy being on screen? I love it, I also love the behind the scenes and pre-production. 6) What were your biggest roles? BP commercial I starred in earlier, then also my roles in Cutting it KLOSE and PinkPanties. Two movies I wrote, directed and produced that are now on Roku under the DakataTV channel. 7) What would be your legacy ? To teach my son how to be his own boss in whatever field he chooses to excel in. The importance of knowing the business side of contracts and educating others on how to be successful. 8) What is your goal in this journey? To rise in every occasion, life throws many curve balls. The key is to learn from that situation and move forward. Don't dwell in past pains, misfortunes. Keep pressing and praying until things get better. They will as long as you stay in the ring and stay positive. 9) How would you encourage someone getting into acting and producing? I would tell them to study their craft, get advice from someone who is successful in acting and producing. Be patient, but be persistent and don't get discouraged every role and gig isn't for everyone. But when it's your time to shine... be prepared. 10) Where do you see your Career going from here? Growing RoChe ChiTown Productions and RoShawn's Red Carpet. Writing, producing and acting more. To continue creating and helping others create by staying in the now of what's going on and how to get others to gravitate towards greatness. Change the narrative of how things are and create what you want to see.

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