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Soulful Songbird

Most Chicagoans may be dismayed looking at the current cultural landscape of our city. Most, but not all. 

Not Elise Songbird. Bringing the classic Motown Sound to the forefront of her artistry, she calls herself, "a soul artist. I sing Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houson, and Gladys Knight." 

She also stays booked, and frequently performs with the South City Collective. It was at one of their shows that we found her. "I love collaboration," she gleams. "We need to get better at supporting each other in general.... Chicago has the best talent, especially young talent. I am blown away by the young talent in this city."

Chicago is a melting pot afterall. It isn't just for the old; the new is equally important to forming the culture. Sometimes new and old ideas, and people, do clash. But Elise thinks there is a bigger purpose at play.

"The content is more important than the sound or who's making it," she explains. "Be about something."

Perhaps that is what we mean by "real music." Music with substance. Music that comes from the soul.

"Everything is soul music," says Elise. "Hip hop, r&b, even country. Music that comes from the soul is soul music."

You can hear Elise's soul every 1st Saturday of the month at Bracket Room in the UIC district. She also has a new EP coming, so make sure to follow her on Instagram for updates: @Miss_Songbird


Contributions by Lapzul, Chicago Music Award Nominated record producer amd recording artist. Follow Lapzul on Instagram: @LapzulMusic

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