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Born into Ministry

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

What did you want to be growing up?

Growing up, I wanted to be a journalist who told positive stories. The news used to scare me, it always seemed bad.

Who encourages you to do broadcasting?

I wanted to be the next Oprah but I always said I wanted to be better because that is what my mom always taught me, to be better.

What would you say to singles that are trying to be in a good relationship?

I would tell singles to not rush getting into a relationship until they get themselves together first. We have a habit of trying to fix others but we forget to look in mirror and start with our own flaws first and that begins by admitting we have them.

What got you into ministries?

I was called into the ministry long before I responded. I always knew God had a place set apart for me. I just decided to follow my own path until I got tired and just submitted. I am nothing without HIM. He was with me all the time. I am at a point in my life where it is all about surrender. It's like I desire nothing else but to do his will, sit at his feet, free his people and share his word and live out his purpose for my life.

How did you and the newly crown pastor first meet?

Wow, I will have to sit down and share this fun story with you one day, I love telling it but for the sake of time and space, I'll say this. We met at a time when God was rebuilding me. I was stripped down to nothing and like Paul, I followed him blinded. I had no choice but to surrender. When I met my husband, I had nothing but because i felt God was with me, it seemed as if I had everything. Again, he was building me up. At the time I was interning at Fox News Chicago as a Producer. I had just finished a Semester in LA at CBS studios and was hoping to go back to pursue a writing career or move to Madrid, Spain. I was standing in line at a Potbelly's sandwich shop. I am not a big sandwich person and on this particular day, I said I am going to do something different with my life, I am going to fast, spiritually and physically. I am going to stop eating white bread and begin eating wheat bread. And with that first set of changes, my entire life story changed. When I asked for that bread, several other people did the same and then one odd ball asked for white, which prompted my husband to turn around and we both at the same time said "Aw", lol. I went to sit down and thought, "Lord, please don't let this man come and try to talk to me, I am trying to get rid of the guy I am with." And sure enough, he asked if he could sit down and of course I said, yes. He told me he never was the first to start a conversation with a woman before, but the Holy Spirit told him to talk to me. The rest is history. He was so nerdy. He asked for my email before my phone number. Let him tell it, he did that on purpose but I don't think so, lol. Anyway, I just couldn't stay away from him. Whenever he'd call, I'd answer. He's my heart.

Do you and the husband do ministry together?

We do some ministry together, for some reason people love to see and hear us on marriage panels. I think it's my charming personality, lol. I will admit that I am the troublemaker at home but on a panel, he shows out, lol. Wait is this off the record. Lol. He's the naughty one. I am the nice one. Good Cop, me. Bad Cop, him. LOL!

What is the most memorable time of your life?

The most memorable time of my life is sitting down and sharing a meal with my family. I love seeing my husband relaxed at the head of the table and hearing the laughter of my family as they enjoy a meal. It's priceless. The other time was me giving birth to our youngest child. My husband was so cool, but I think it shook him to the core. First time I saw him looking so vulnerable and lost. He couldn't control that situation, but he was a big help even though I wanted him to put on his hazards and he wouldn't as he sped down the highway. That Man!

What are the secrets to a good married life?

One of the biggest and best secrets is the One in the middle, Our Heavenly Father. Yes, keep Him all up in your business. Even your sex life. My husband said, God created the orgasm and it is good, so I believe him. Seriously, if God is Good and the bible is True, then His Word is True. His word says he honors marriage. So, if he honors it, we should honor it. He created us individually and for each other. Like any good manufacturer, we should be able to go to Him when the parts don't work. Only He can fix it. We be trying to fix each other when we are broken. We have to go back to the author and finisher of our fate. He will answer us, sometimes he tells us how to fix our mate, but most of the times, he tells me how I need to fix myself and I be like, Amen. LOL. Who argues with God?

What is the most impactful thing you have done in ministry?

The most impactful thing I have done in ministry is mentor. The bible tells us to be the Titus Woman. We are to instruct younger women on how to be and how to love their husbands. It's our responsibility. We find that many of us are out of order because we live in a sinful world that is out of order. All we need is a little instruction and a good example. We do do better when we know better. I feel it is my job to help those behind me and even beside and in front of me to move forward. When did you know you were here to serve?

I knew I was here to serve when I found a ministry that fulfilled my purpose. It's like picking out your wedding gown, you just know what you know what you know. It doesn't feel like a chore or job, it feels like love. You just enjoy it, through good and bad times it brings you joy to serve in it.

What is the radio show all about?

Life Chats is a Christian show about topics that the church doesn't have time to dive into or just don't talk about across the pulpit for whatever reason. I try to speak to the hearts of all people and draw them nearer to the Lord, right where they are.

What is the best theme that you’ve had on your show?

I think every theme on the show is a good theme because they are all freedom topics. They are meant to set the captives free and see the awesome sides of our Lord. People think the Christian walk is easy. It is not. Christianity ain't for punks. You seem to put up with some things that our normal flesh would have caved in our indulged in quickly. You know your flesh would have popped somebody in the mouth or given them a tongue lashing, but when the spirit takes over, instead of laying hands on them, you lay down your life for them. Instead of sending them words of death, you speak words of love and life. It gets easier, and it feels a lot better afterwards. We don't apologize for submitting to God. He's over my eternal life, the one that will be here after me, and this poor body is gone. I need to be following my Everlasting Him not my temporal flesh. Okay, so to answer your question, I would say, speaking about Mental Illness was freeing because our community sees that as a taboo subject. It is shamed, and it leaves those that are vulnerable without enough information to get help. We sweep it under the rug, instead of dealing with it and as a result we suffer. It is a serious stronghold in our community, and until we speak about it and deal with it, we will continue to feel the effects of the trauma we have as a people. We have a lot of hurt, pain, abuse and misuse that has happened to us and we need to call those things out and get help. There's no shame in getting help. Don't forget I am running for City Commissioner in Kentwood, MI. I feel black women need a seat at the political table, locally, statewide, federally. Our voices need to be heard. We have a voice in the community. I am running with to implement the Goal of the 3's: Community. Connect and Conserve. We need to strengthen relationships and communications between police and the community, advocate for persons with disabilities, connect people and businesses with each other and to resources to help them prosper and Conserve our environment and infrastructure by protecting and maintaining it. I believe that being a neighbor is more than living next door to each other but actually living life together. I live in one of the best neighborhoods in the US but it isn't worth anything if we are not taking the time to love our neighbor and that starts with hearing their concerns, celebrating their wins and being their voice at the table. Please donate to my campaign to help cross the line to victory at

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