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Clifford O'Neal Journey

Sfsmag1 Questions-1. Can You introduce yourself to our audience?

Cliff O answer-My name is Clifford O'Neil also known as recording artist Cliff-O. I'm a Chicago native but currently residing in Northwest Indiana.

Sfsmag1 Questions-2. Have you always liked music since childhood?

Cliff O answer- Yes, I've always enjoyed music since I was younger. It all began with being influenced by the music my parents listened to.

Sfsmag1 Questions-3. When did you decide that you wanted to become an artist?

Cliff O answer- I initially wanted to be an artist when I began writing raps at the age of 14. At that time there really wasn't a blueprint to how to begin the process and I actually kept my talent a secret for many years. After a hiatus of taking music serious, in 2016 I decided to actually get back into music. I created relationships with local artists and collaborated with a lot of them.

Sfsmag1 Questions-4. Tell us more about yourself?

Cliff O answer- I'm a father of 2 boys, a military veteran, and just someone who wants to use their God-given gift to make a difference in this world. I feel that I am great with putting words together and I would just like to share my thoughts and experiences with the world because I know that my trials and tribulations can possibly help someone.

Sfsmag1 Questions-5. Who is your inspiration?

Cliff O answer-My children and my family are my inspiration. Those close to me that I know me very well inspire me to do my best and make them proud. I do this for all of those that are in my life.

Sfsmag1 Questions- 6. What attracted to begin a career in music?

Cliff O answer- I've been attracted to it because I love hip-hop and outside of the music, it is part of the culture that I exist in. I relate to it and I am genuinely what I say I am in my music. It allows me to unapologetically be myself.

Sfsmag1 Questions-7. Who is your biggest influence ?

Cliff O answer- As far as musically, my biggest influence is Jay Z. He is consistently been in the forefront since his debut album and still is heavily involved in the culture

Sfsmag1 Questions-8. Describe your music style?

Cliff O answer- Many compare my music style to Eastcoast rap. I see the comparisons as far as the beat selections and deliveries at time. I also believe that I'm a mixture of Midwest as well because I was influenced by local artists when I was younger.

Sfsmag1 Questions-9. You're Completed 10yr in the industry. How has your journey been so far?

Cliff O answer- It's been great. I recently completed project with my fellow group members (BHNWB) and I just wrapped up my first official project entitled The Life and Times of Cliff-O. It has been a long journey but I've met amazing people in the process and I've learned a lot on the way.

Sfsmag1 Questions-10. What does being famous mean to you?

Cliff O answer- I believe being famous is just having the recognition. I don't really have the want to be famous because it brings a lot of unnecessary attention at time. It's definitely a gift and a course from what I can tell. I'm not famous so I can only assume lol.

Sfsmag1 Questions-11. Anything in the works that you can talk about?

Cliff O answer- Currently I'm just working on getting my album on all streaming platforms. I will also have a few visuals that will be in the works relating to the project. Other than that I'm debating on how soon I will work on a follow-up to the project. I guess it depends on the feedback for the new project.

Sfsmag1 Questions-12. Any exciting projects?

Cliff O answer- The project that was released by the group that I'm in was very exciting. Monumental by BHNWB is streaming on every platform. I'm in a group with 4 individuals and we created a great project. It was organic and actually made me fall in love with music all over again.

Sfsmag1 Questions-13. Where do you see yourself ?

Cliff O answer-I see myself just enjoying life. Music is my life so I will never stop doing it but ultimately I do this for my kids. I speak it into existence that this is only the beginning and eventually I will touch the lives of many people with my talent.

Sfsmag1 Questions-14. Who do you think could be really good role models for teens and Why?

Cliff O answer-I think it depends. I think that a good role for a teen is someone who motivates them to live out their full potential in a positive way. I know I'm not perfect and I hope that I am a role model to my oldest who is a teenager. The youth just need someone who can show them that they can achieve greatness.

Sfsmag1 Questions-15. Tell us something about one of the best experiences of your life?

Cliff O answer- The best experience I've had in my life was becoming a father. I wouldn't trade that for any other accomplishment I've made.

Sfsmag1 Questions-16. Describe your last experience on stage?

Cliff O answer- The last experience I had on stage was in Glenwood, IL. Myself and the group were invited to a venue to perform and we did a great job. Our chemistry on stage is always unmatched.

Sfsmag1 Questions-17. Where do you see your career in five years?

Cliff O answer- In five years I hope to still be writing music but maybe not performing as much. I'd like to be more behind the scenes.

Sfsmag1 Questions-18. What do you think is most important in your field?

Cliff O answer- I think it is very important to believe in yourself. Talent is great to have but you have to have faith in your craft.

Sfsmag1 Questions-19. How have you managed to balance life and your outside activities over the years?

Cliff O answer- Sacrifice. Sometimes you have to sacrifice extra sleep or time with family. It's all about seeing the bigger picture and making the sacrifice that will benefit the bigger picture.

Sfsmag1 Questions-20. Will you give us some insight into your process as an artist?

Cliff O answer-Usually I listen to a beat and just let it dictate what my concept will be. It's almost as if the beat talks to me and I use that feeling to determine what my subject will be. Sometimes I will have a subject in mind and search for a beat that has that feeling to it.

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