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Grammy Nominated Vito:Zverse Journey

SFSmag1-1. Can You introduce yourself to our audience?

Zverse- I am known by many names Zverse Verse Versatile and Gentle Verse. I am an artist, producer, writer exec and much more

SFSmag1-2. Have you always liked music since childhood?

Zverse-Yes since I was very young, I loved music of many genres and began to explore merging as much as I could together.

SFSmag1-3. When did you decide that you wanted to become an artist?

Zverse- Super produce No-id gave me some beats via J-boogie when i was about 12. Me and my friends in the hood had a group called the young cats and we were doing shows. When i received those tracks i knew if had the platform i could make great music and really take the business seriously

SFSmag1-4. Tell us more about yourself?

Zverse-I am a fashion designer that loves dope fashion. i have a non-profit the Black American Flag Association that I'm very passionate about. I love to give back to see change and grow as i help my people do so as well

SFSmag1-5. Who is your inspiration?

Zverse-so many artists have been a part of my journey, my lyrical talents were sharpened by jay-z, my production by no-id and my producer Xcelence, my business by my partner and teacher Shorty Capone, my start in fashion by Virgil Abloh but early on J-boogie.

SFSmag1-6. What attracted you to begin a career in music?

Zverse-It was simply what motivated every day, what made me who I was and am.

SFSmag1-7. Who is your biggest influence ?

Zverse- 2-pac- jay-z -biggie- nas- bob Marley Fela Kuti- Mozart and bach

SFSmag1-8. Describe your music style?


SFSmag1-9. You're Completed 10yr in the industry. How has your journey been so far?

Zverse-Always ups and downs. The industry is a monster that will suck the life out of you if you let it. if I was willing to be a sell-out, I would have been on the charts years ago. You have to make a decision and stand by it and that's not always easy.

SFSmag1-10. What does being famous mean to you?

Zverse-Having the ability to reach people and give them love, instruction peace, and help but a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts.

SFSmag1-11. Anything in the works that you can talk about?

Zverse-Huge record with good friend j-Ivy john legend and slick rick t right now, praying for a grammy nom and win. new music for afrobeat album under Gentle Verse. waiting to return to being Versatile so i can show so many of theses so called artists what hip hop actually sounds like when you have skill

SFSmag1-13. Where do you see yourself ?

Zverse-Led by the creator, truly don't know what's next but I'm here for it

SFSmag1-14. Who do you think could be really good role models for teens and Why?

Zverse-Anyone that is willing and gives genuine concern

SFSmag1-15. Tell us something about one of the best experiences of your life?

Zverse-Touring with Lupe fiasco working in Ny at bad-boy studios, being in La with suge knight and kicking it with Nipsey in La, Partying with HOV in NY and honestly cherishing everyday that I get to be me and live my life.

SFSmag1-16. Describe your last experience on stage?

Zverse-Sold out crowd over 2,000 people at joes in Chicago. So much energy and genuine appreciation from the crowd another of being grateful to have these gifts

SFSmag1-17. Where do you see your career in five years?

Zverse-Honestly no clue

18. What do you think is most important in your field?

Zverse-Authenticity, perseverance, and a real love for music, and respect for the business.

SFSmag1-19. How have you managed to balance life and your outside activities over the years?

Zverse-LOL- it's rough, not sure I have always been great at it.

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