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Comedian Veteran Damon Williams

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

"I would call myself..." Damon Williams pauses. "... A comedic performer." 

He settles on a title not too broad as to eclipse his 27 year career in stand-up comedy. Yet it leaves room for exploration and experimentation, two elements he includes in every show.

"Sometimes I'll grab the bass, if I have a live band. Just to show off a bit for the audience." Damon dabbles in music and is also an actor. His biggest drawing venture, though, has been his weekly contributions to the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show. "The show is on 99 networks and has over 6 million viewers... you should look us up," he chides when asked who Tom Joyner is (sorry!).

The show's format (I looked it up) centers around many of the same themes Damon uses in his stand-up routines. "I like to throw a little politics in there, to keep it real for that first person coming to see me. But I also talk about my personal life. Whatever feels the most relatable."

He does not let judgement, if any, get to his head. "It doesn't phase me. I tell people in the beginning, 'if this offends you that's not my fault. Because it's not about you. I wrote it before you got here.' It creates a low stress environment so everyone is comfortable."

The people must love it, since he gets booked frequently at new and regular venues year after year. You can get your tickets now to his series show "Bruh Man" at Riddles Comedy Club (hyperlink: on December 13 and 14. 

Make sure to follow the Chicago comedy king on Instagram as well: @DamonWilliamsComedy.


Contributions by Lapzul, Chicago Music Award nominated record producer and recording artist. Follow Lapzul on Instagram: @LapzulMusic

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