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EvanMarcusImagery: Shawn Mason

An "Artist" first and foremost. I take an artistic approach to virtually everything I do whether it's photography, music or even getting dressed! I consider myself a lifestyle photographer. I prefer capturing the moment that we will never see again so when shooting events, I would much rather try to document the energy and emotion apparent in the event more than staged pictures. Of course, I do those because clients typically want those.

I think most pursuits that are based on individual effort can create a false atmosphere of competition. I have always resisted that notion. I don't see myself being in competition with others. I often admire what others do which doesn't mean I want to emulate it. I simply enjoy the understanding of photographers or the way they see things. When shooters want my "help" I am free to give it and there are a few I am comfortable with, getting insight from. "It's impossible to awaken the person that's pretending to be asleep"

Humble... maybe too much so. An extroverted introvert who always appears amire confident than he actually is. lol

When I realized I would likely never have children I named my business after the son I never had. It was the name slated in case I had a son. I wanted it to remind me to love my business and art form the same way I would love my own child.

      Would you call yourself a Celebrity? No

I think I am already an artist, in many ways but, surely in regard to creating and right now my creation flows through photography primarily.

Typically R&B. I recorded music years ao from the mid 90's to about 2009 and stepped away only performing at my church and churches we would visit. About two years ago I began having problems with my voice and ultimately learned I had allergies and acid reflux. In the last year I have been giving attention to those issues and I have slowly started back singing thanks to the enforced shelter at home due to Covid-19. Lately I am having fun covering the songs of other artists and posting the videos on social media and Youtube.

I can find inspiration anywhere. It's often in my admiration of people who can do things I cannot as I appreciate their gifts,

My professionalism. Because I often shoot boudoir and creative nudity I have to diffuse concerns to make way for my artistic side to flow. That means I have to be particularly professional but, at the same time someone that makes the subject comfortable. Also, just someone who was not bound by rules. Artistry is most important. Not always rules and fundamentals.

I shot a creative nudity session with a woman I had never met. She was a referral from her boyfriend and she was a bit uneasy. She wanted to meet for coffee before we shot so we could get to know each other. A few days before the shoot we met for coffee and ended up talking for 3 hours sitting outside a Starbucks. When the day came for the shoot, it was like an old friend was walking in. The shoot gave birth to some of the most incredible images I have ever shot and the young lady became one of my dearest friends. Add to it the fact that her choice of career made her feel like the pics could never be shared so, it only adds to their value that it is my favorite shoot and virtually nobody has ever seen the images.

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