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Exclusive with Legend Slique J. Adams

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Something is missing from hip hop today, and Slique may have found it. 

"My music has horns, guitars, the works! I'm classic like the old days." Slique is a singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He does hip hop and r&b, but most would call him soul.

That's where his music comes from, and that is what he has come to be known for. This year he was nomimated at the Chicago Music Awards for Best Male Vocalist (the award went to Malone, a friend of Slique's). 

"It wasn't the first time, I actually took two of those awards home," he humbly recalls. "My first nomination was in 2010. Then I won in 2013." His greatness gets attention from the higher and lower levels of the industry. Early in January of this year, Slique collaborated with upcomming local rapper VO. He also produced the song among many others for the young star.

"I've worked with BJ The Chicago Kid too," he says, as a flex not that many can pull. "I would love to work with Anderson .Paak out of anybody. I mean c'mon man, he's a genius." 

Clearly, genius recognizes itself. Slique is already a recognizable figure within the city, and he will only get bigger. Follow him now on Instagram: @SliqueJay. 


Contributions by Lapzul, Chicago Music Award nominated record producer and recording artist. Follow me on Instagram: @LapzulMusic

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