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Introducing, Tae Sloan

Introducing, Tae Sloan. A 34 yr old father, aspiring actor/model, mentor, musician and school bus driver. Among the many hats he wears, he's also full of mystery. I was honored when asked to interview the one and only Tae Sloan, I found him to be very intriguing. Check it out...

I began by asking, When did you discover your passion for acting, who influenced you the most, and when did you start pursuing your passion?. And he answered,

"My passion began as early as the age 8, being influenced by actors circa 1990s. Actors such as Martin, Will Smith, and The Wayans Family. Other greats like Denzel Washington, Redd Foxx, Robert Townsend, and last (but not least) Leon encouraged my wanting to be like the Chameleon."

The fact that he got his breakthrough later in life was due to education, preparation and misdirection. " I trained in a small town in Nebraska, as well as studying in Portage, WI.", he told me. I was told gripping stories about the trauma of living in rough/tough neighborhoods, and realizing why his grandmother sent him to camp for the summer. "I liked summer camp.." He said as he leaned back and smiled as if he were there at that moment during the interview. "I went back year after year until eventually working there as a Mentor."

Competing in talent shows and joining R.O.T.C. as a teen, has taught him discipline , structure and accountability. Leaving home at the age of 18, with what little he had, taught him struggle and survival. Tae never lost his passion for acting nor his talent with music.

" In about 1 week after auditioning for a film, I did my first cameo in a movie." He reflected before he told me how he felt ready to take on any challenge that came his way. Thus far, Tae has only done film, eager to do television as well. An enhanced passion, which is safe to say, that stems from the real life training. To research and approach a role? " I watch videos, movies, and tv to study people and emotions." was his answer. Doing stand-ins and cameos has taught him to be flexible, able to assume different characters and new roles seamlessly.

Having an eclectic acting style, Tae is drawn to challenging roles, favoring roles that depicts his life. "Gotta have SOME fun, right?" he said, laughing. "Someone like Lorenz Tate", Tae decided, "would be the best actor to play my character if my life were to be put on film."

"My acting role model is Tupac. I have a deep-seated admiration for the way he was able to inject his persona into a character and bring the script to life. My dream role would be starring in an underdog love story." He added, "And I would also be hella excited to do a movie with an icon such as Robert De Niro and the ever so amazing Jada Pinkett-Smith."

Tae stands out amidst he competitors in the industry by remaining Mysterious, using he natural ability to make them want more. His ability to see people and situations for what they truly are. His ability to keep them coming back for more. One of the best experiences of his life is, " The birth of my son changed my life, giving me purpose and a new direction." adding, " I was 30 years old and determined to continue my journey as an aspiring actor/model and musician.

In 2022, Tae did another cameo, and is currently working on a new role in a film that is set to start filming the summer of 2022. He is not at liberty to divulge any information about his current project until it's been officially released. We understand, Tae. Guess we'll all have to follow your journey and keep watch for it.

The advice he offers to new and future fathers is to just be there as much as possible, and don't rely on someone else to do your job as a father. It requires a lot of patience but it's very rewarding.

I asked if he would encourage his son to follow in his footsteps and he replied, ever so pointed, " Forgive me for answering your question with a question, but What father doesn't want their son to admire, appreciate, emulate and want to continue/ follow with the same passion that their father has? I have no choice other than to accept whatever path he chooses. In 5 years, Tae sees himself starring in chart toppers and blockbusters on the silver screen.

I enjoyed my interview with the one and only Tae Sloan, if I were to interject a pseudonym , it would be Tae "Mystifying" Sloan. Hey Y'all, he used his ability to make me want more (smiles). Look forward to more interviews with this artist, regarding his music and his continued journey.

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