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Jonthan R. Kidd Chicago's Legend

House of JRK is named after the founder/designer Jonathan R. Kidd Sr.

His love for the hiphop culture started in the mid to late 70's in Chicago IL.. He was always writing poetry and drawing ,however in 1983 he began to get serious about bboying and emceeing.At the age of 14 he started out djing old school Chicago House music , Freestyle Dance Music(a form of HipHop Music before Rap music got real popular on vinyl) and Rap Music ,along with emceeing with this crew called D.C.CREW and along with other crews in the neighborhood on his street they formed the crew LSP(LaSalle Street Production). Also he was part of a crew in his former high school (CVS) called V.I.P Posse which consist of emcees graff writers,djs,bboys and bgirls.He also is an actor in the movie 2057 Return to Zombie Island in addition to Co -producing the score and soundtrack for 2058 Zombie Island. He was also a co founder and graff writer in the infamous DEF CRUE3. he attended college and has a associate in graphic design and is working on his Bachelors in Fashion Design also he is the Co Founder of LowEnd Connection(with DJ Ice Merv), 5nC , Authentic Deluxe, KEY Global Media and Marketing Group and VP of Advertising for Underground Masters Publications. He is known by many names Dj JRK,,Lord JAWEG Alim Allah,RamonBlacq C-Czar,DaPeddla.The JAWEG Orchestra,The Grooveologist,The Maestro of The Mash-up.

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a comic book cartoonist, architect, or something doing illustrations.

What inspired you to get into hip-hop music?

The creativity of the music and the rawness of the lyrics/poetry, it has taken away the traditional boundaries of melodies and sounds your ears are familiar with. At the time I was introduced to the music it felt special and not everyone embraced it at the time here in Chicago. The culture is what spoke to me, it gave me purpose, direction, a thirst and love for music, dance, visual art and fashion along with knowledge of self and others.

Are you an artist?

Yes , I consider myself a cultural artist in the majority of its various forms.

What do you do as an artist?

Illustrate, write poetry/lyrics, design clothing, dance, media, compose music, djing, write books.

How was it growing up in chicago?

Dangerously fun and educational which had prepared me to adapt to various ciphers of people, places and scenarios. The experiences of seeing and being around the church and the streets kinda made me able to identify characteristics of others.I would say the time and era I grew up in Chicago I kinda got into your typical above average trouble as a teenager being from the southside of The Chi, Hanging around my homies on 57th LaSalle and on 55th State kickin it with my cousins and his homies on 47th street. Sometimes I would sneak out of church to go kick it on 47th st. writin and taggin on the line and buses going to CVS kickin it with cats that were into the hip hop culture.What made it dangerous is that I was from a certain area and the school I went to was in a different area. However I love my childhood growing up in Chicago, ups and downs good and bad because it was real experiences that I can always tap back into to share as wisdom for my children and others who might be going through a situation.

What was the Navy like and everything?

At first I was uncertain and scared at the time. The Navy was an eye opening reality of life and cultural experiences in different places with people you are stuck with from different places with different attitudes, beliefs and mannerisms. Sometimes it felt like I was in a floating prison going from continent to continent. The craziest time was being in the Desert Storm Persian Gulf War. Other than that it made me mature real quick , I became more well rounded mentally from my time in the military. I 've embraced The culture of Allah's 5% Nation Of God and Earth.

How is married life?

Make sure you are with someone you can build with and will support you through the rough times and support each other's visions , along with letting the person know what boundaries you have. The root word in a relationship is relate, you must be able to relate to your spouse, listen, communicate, along with being each other's strength . If your marriage is just based on superficial things you get what you agreed to.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Maintaining my twelve jewels of life along with continuing to build a legacy and passing it on to my lineage. The twelve jewels are knowledge wisdom understanding freedom justice equality food clothing shelter love peace happiness.

Do You miss Chicago lights, clubbing, etc?

Yes however,everytime I come back it's like a recharge of the city culture and rich black legacy,music, food, the style, the vibe, the people, as far as the nightlife, there is nothing like it from the time I started going out as a shorty to now as an adult. everywhere I go I am bringing Chicago with me because it is me the swagger and everything good and bad like it or hate it I'm from tha GO!!!!!

How is the fashion industry ?

The fashion industry from my perspective as a black freelance designer /owner keeps you on your toes. You have to do your research, know the trends while being a trendsetter yet being able to have longevity and a niche. There are a lot of designers out there doing their own thing and you have those that are out there that are more comfortable working for others. Fashion is like the music industry. You have your major labels and independent/underground labels and you have those that just want to do it because they figure everyone else is doing it why not them.

What encouraging words would you give to artists that are trying to get in the business?

I would say to them: master their craft, keep at it and be you and never give up finding your niche. That is what makes an artist an artist by being unique, reading, traveling, experiencing different cultures. By doing these things it will expand your mind and creativity, this makes you well rounded as an artist and a person and also take a business class.

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