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Rakim Experience Book

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Everybody knows the feeling; heads turn, phones go up. A legend has walked into the room. 

Welcome to "The Rakim Experience." Nothing less than the presence of greatness can describe the energy when, arguably the best MC in the world (no cap), graced the stage of the Harold Washington Cultural Center. Located on Chicago's near south side, that energy was returned in full by attendees hailing from as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Rakim, addressed by his adoring fans as "The God MC," blessed the room with unmatched lyricism, hand crafted beats, and even an interview highlighting his greatest feats sustained over a 35 year reign as your favorite rappers' favorite rapper. Audience members had the chance to ask questions directly, which resulted in some never before told stories and secrets to the "Juice." After about an hour, Rakim traded his hot seat for hot beats spun by an even hotter DJ. The great MC even took the scratch table for a spin of his own and was met with wild cheers of approval.

Special VIP guests were granted a personal meet and great after the show. Fans who bought his deeply personal and private memoir, "Sweat The Technique," brought their copies with them to get autographed. The first was a child, probably too young to know Rakim's biggest achievements, but he was more excited than the line of 100 or more adults behind him. The signings lasted longer than the show, and the night ended with a kickback at local south side joint, "The Hyde." Every fan was surely left beyond satisfied with a once in a lifetime performance, and a truly unforgettable experience.

"The Rakim Experience" was presented by Desiree Sanders, Founder and curator of "Book It Black To Bronzeville." Jimalita Tillman hosted the event, which was also sponsered by the Dana Dane show and Cultural Connection.

written by: Lapzul

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