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Sadie Back

Sadie Walker is a mother. She is also a shoe designer, an actress, and a radio personality with her own TV Show coming to syndication in December. 

When asked to describe herself, she had a full list: giving, inspiring, dedicated. There is one word, though, that anyone can agree with  just by hearing her story. That word is strong. 

"I'm a hero, honestly," says the working actress who has appeared on the sets of "Empire," "Chicago Fire," and "Love Craft," a Netflix exclusive production. "I've been through everything... I want all black women to just be great and look to me as an example."

Sadie's late mother is her own example. "She worked so hard her whole life and never took a vacation. Watching her raise 8 kids, all by herself, it made me feel like I can do anything." 

There is certainly a lot Sadie can do and has already done. Her biggest achievement to date is designing her own shoe collection. 

"I remember drawing a shoe in 8th grade on the chalk board," she recalls. "That same shoe ended up being the first one I made. I never thought I would actually do it (laughs)." She continued, saying, "you can't let life keep you stuck. When I start something, I finish it. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it."

Well she's doing it. In addition to making shoes, Sadie has been interviewing celebrities on her own show where they tell personal stories not usually shared anywhere else. Crunchy Black from the hip hop supergroup Three 6 Mafia was one of them. 

"He was cool. It was cool hearing him give these stories I've never heard before. Those moments keep me humble." 

You can follow Sadie Walker on Facebook and Instagram (@SadieIsBlessed) where she posts these interviews and her other content weekly. Watch for the announcement of her new talk show set for broadcast television debut on Comcast.

"It's going to be in December. I'm just waiting for my time slot."


Contributions by Lapzul. Chicago Music Award nominated record producer and recording artist. Follow Lapzul on Instagram @LapzulMusic.

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