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TriStone Dawan Artist's you should Know

> 1) What was the thought for your non-profit?

I wanted to bring a professional level of performing arts training, support and exposure to my Southside neighborhood that could also assist with bringing mental wellness and help decrease violence within my community.


> 2) What was the inspiration for your company?

My oldest daughter, Genesis, was my first inspiration.


> 3) Where did your company name come from?

B.Fli came from my stage name is college at FAMU. It was “Buttafli”. Also, my father gave me this book called “The Transformation of Butterfly” by Dr. Nahim Akbar before I went off to school. I fell in love with that book and identified with the growth phases of a butterfly.


> 4) What would you call yourself ?

I’m a proud Black mother from the Southside of Chicago who sings, acts, dances, writes and produces. I’m a powerhouse and a natural leader.


> 5) Is this what you wanted to be growing up?

Absolutely! I would sit in room and sing with Whitney Houston VHS and cassettes all day long! I was definitely purposed to be a performing artist.


> 6) Where do you want to be in five years?

Secure in my craft with city-wide influence.


> 7) Did you always want to do things in art fashion ?

Yes. I’ve always dreamt of being a singer and performing in front of thousands. My friends used to dare me to stand on tables in the mall and sing and I’d do it EVERY TIME! It came so natural to me. I also used to sing on the way home on the back of the CTA 63rd Street bus with my friends in high school on the way home. I went to Curie High School.


> 8) What great entertainers have you graced their path on your journey?

Whitney Houston (on the Oprah show)

Nancy Wilson (who taught me the importance of knowing who I am and how to be a mother and an artist)

Whoopi Goldberg (who taught me that when it stops being fun, stop doing it)

Rachelle Ferrell (who also teaches me to push the envelop and build my own journey)

Isaac Hayes (who made me feel like to sexiest woman to ever grace his presence...nothing inappropriate or sexual ever happened ever. It just meant the world to me to gain a legend like that’s attention).


> 9) What does bfliproductions do in the community?

Talent shows, concerts, seminars, healing circles, classes, camps, productions and workshops .


> 10) How long have you been an actress,dancer,choreographer,and business woman ?

I’ve been an artists all of my life. Singing since 8, dancing since 4, choreographing since 13, teaching since 13, producing since 23, writing since 21, professional union affiliated since 26.


> 11) What do you want your legacy to say?

I want my legacy to be that I’m passionate and professional and that the sacrifices made for me to be alive were all worth it. And that I had fun being a human. In every way possible

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