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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

How long have you been an artist in chicago ?

I’ve been performing since I was 7 years old, so let’s just say :-) I’ve been an artist since I could properly put sentences together. LOL.

2.) Can you tell us where it originated from?

My artistry originated from spoken word. I fell in love with poetry and it’s been a part of me and lyricism ever since.

3.) What keeps you so motivated in this field ?

The love for storytelling. I’ve always had a fascination and an appreciation for engaging people in the most simplest way. For me, fortunately, lyrical storytelling (which is one way I categorize my music) does just that.

4.) What are your favorite songs?

Too many to list, but if I had to choose a handful (in no particular order):

  • Crown Royal (Jill Scott)

  • Sweet Love (Anita Baker)

  • Close to you (Carpenters)

  • Lady in my Life (Michael Jackson)

5.) Being from Chi-town, has that helped your career as an artist?

Chicago made me; made me form a candidly tough skin because I knew a career in music would not be easy. The knock downs/disappointments I’ve had here in Chicago made me fearless. So now when I enter a city, I enter it with ChiTown on my back as a cloak of honor - knowing if I can make it here....I can make it any where!

6.) What was your vision to move from chicago?

I didn’t have one. Whenever I’ve moved away it was for a new job opportunity, not for a personal endeavor per say. And ironically, every time I move, I say to myself, “Chicago is always home.” Period!

7.) Are you with a label at the moment?

No, I’m independent.

8.) Was this one of your career goals as a child?

No it wasn’t. My career goals as a child was to be a lawyer, and fight for justice/truth. Now I suppose I speak my truth through rhyme.

9.) What was it like growing up in Chicago?

Depends on what stage of life I was in. In grammar/middle school I was trying to find myself....figure out the type of woman I wanted to be. In high school, I was trying to figure out the type of person I wanted to be (I.e. moral code etc.). In college, I initially went away and left Chicago in order to find my independence. When I returned and graduated from DePaul University, I was ready to use all that Chicago taught me and make my mark in this world. Overall, growing up in Chicago was a constant bundle of lessons, tears, hopes, fears and joy all wrapped in one.....and depending on my age/stage in life, determined which emotion took the lead.

10.) What else do you do in your life?

I’m a STEM influencer and leader - specialized in User Experience Engineering. I love helping corporations and organizations create better experiences for their users/customers.

I’m also an animator; I got into it as a result of COVID19 and I’m chosen to use that platform to tell humorous, relatable stories as well.

Lastly, I have 15 years or so experience in theater, so acting, improve and the stage overall (hosting, modeling) has always been a part of life as God sees fit.

11.) What new music do you have coming out?

I’m continuing to promote my latest album, “I Be.” produced by Tye Hill - whose breakout single “Flippant” started turning people’s heads my way as a serious female mcee x lyricist.

And I’m Super excited to announce a brand NEW single I just released titled, “Unapologetic” produced by Carlisio Keys - all about not being sorry for not being sorry as it relates to being you and standing in your own truth.....whatever that may be.

12.) What was your inspiration growing up?

Primarily, my inspiration is/has remained hope; hope to have and provide a better life for my parents, my sister and myself. That goal keeps me motivated to be the very best I can be in any areas God puts in my path/life.

Secondarily, I was inspired by my maternal grandmother who came to Chicago from Alabama and made a life for herself and her daughters. I ultimately came from her and watching her work so tirelessly, year after year, to make sure “her girls” had a warm meal, bed and home to rest - all while instilling words of wisdom - kept and keeps me persevering in my own journey through life. Matriarchs matter and I love her for having the women who ultimately have helped shape me and given me the courage to DO, SAY and SHOW - my unapologetic self - in this world.

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