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Vice Verse

.They call me the original because after i moved from Chicago to Atlanta a few artists took my name..which caused me to drop the Verse and just call myself Vice. I have been in the business 28 years.

I wouldn't call myself a "hardcore" rapper but i am a "hardcore" MC...meaning i take lyrics and performance very serious. How i approach my craft is hardcore.

I am NOT a battle rapper BUT i can battle...I have been in a few battles and won.

How am i that the question...i would say im pretty well known,especially after working with Slum Village.

My cousin DJ Scrap Dirty who is the president of The Violator All-Star Dj's helped me on my journey throughout my career..he is also from Chicago.

I felt being in the city and being too accessible was harming my movement.I felt because they(the people) always saw me it was not exciting to see me perform...I would have a show and the crowd would be lackluster,once i left if i had a show people would come out because they haven't seen me perform every week etc open mic.

I would tell them to BE ORIGINAL...Be original...never forget your core audience...thats your bread and butter and never give up...This is marathon now a sprint...many give up right before a break through so never give matter how bleak it seems.

I have written for a few well known artists..

I have worked with Slum Village/Dela Soul/Little Brother/Illa J/Mobb Deep/Bahamadia just to name a few.

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