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Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Networking is the key to all doors of opportunity. As we know, it's who you know.

DoNskI knows everybody. "I throw these weekly events, the biggest one is my comedy show that I co-host with Leon Rogers from 107.5 WGCI," he reveals. "That show is the biggest comedy night in Chicago, there is no other."

It is at these events that DoNskI finds artists of his own. "Really, they come to me," he assures. "I do these shows weekly so people get to know me... now I have celebrities asking me to put them on and promote their new projects."

In a way, he's the plug. The consistency of his events creates an air expectation. He says, "it gives people something to look forward to. They have a reason to go out that night." 

Getting people in the door week after week is a skill that he has mastered for years. "When I hosted my first party... the club owners saw how I packed it out and asked me to work for them," he tells. "They gave me a thursday night. I made it a 'Girl's Night,' and the rest is history."

His story isn't over either. What he has is a bigger vision for the future. DoNskI says, "I want to do more acting. I want to make more music, and I have an EP I'm working on... in 2020 we're doing events with 50,000 people or more." 

Catch him on the way up. Follow DoNskI on Twitter: @DoNskIEnt


Contributions by Lapzul, Chicago Music Award Nominated record producer & recording artist. Follow me on Instagram: @LapzulMusic

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